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March 24, 2015

A DIY Baby Shower

This weekend, I hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend. She’s expecting her second, and we had so much fun getting together and celebrating her little girl!

Sometimes I tell myself, “This time, I am just going to buy everything instead of DIYing!”, but then I end up crafting because, hello, I am who I am. : ) And, personalized touches really do make an event feel special.

It was a couples shower and we had it at a local park so, after the food, the guys could take the kids to play while the girls…yes…crafted! haha

I made the circle garland by cutting circles out of card stock and sewing them together. I borrowed a circle punch from a friend and the whole thing was so easy! I also bought these craft letters that spell BABY and painted them spearmint green to match the shower. I love the color at an angle.




I placed flowers inside of mason jars at some of the tables to add to the simple, rustic look.


For our craft, we made so many headbands for the sweet girl on the way! I set out directions and supplies so people could get creative. This little girl has a very fun collection of accessories waiting for her!



The headbands were a big hit, so I would totally recommend that next time you need to host a shower for a baby girl! And, everyone really enjoyed doing a project together to make our friend feel loved and special.

Enjoying the Good Life,