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April 07, 2017

A Case for Books

While checking out the other day at Goodwill, the lady behind me was admiring my collection of books. Most people decorate their bookcase and bookshelves with a lot of random objects.

Me? I actually like buying old encyclopedias for my bookcase.

A case for books.1

Encyclopedias come in a variety of colors and heights, so when I see a large collection in a color I desire, I immediately buy the entire collection. It is a bit harder to find them nowadays, so when I spot a set or a few loose ones that match my home, I make sure I stock up on them.

Even though these types of books are dated and really aren’t used in modern culture, I think they add a certain sophistication to a space.

While working on a project out of town, I actually bought two separate sets of encyclopedias to place in a client’s bookcase.

A case for books.2

It did take a while to get all these books because they were in this huge bin and I had to dig through hundreds of books to find the complete set, but when you really want a matching set of books, you gotta do it!

If you intend to add a set of encyclopedias to your collection, make sure you save up a few dollars. They are inexpensive when you find a few, but if you find a large set at Goodwill, it may be a bit more costly.

A case for books.3

(I am certain Ive shared this photo before, but I am sharing it again to show the impact a set encyclopedias can make)

Of course, there are so many books you can buy from Goodwill that will make your bookcase, mantle and even your coffee table look great, so don’t limit yourself. The vintage sets of Reader’s Digest books are alway a favorite among decorators.

Do you put books in your bookcase? If so what kind of books?


  1. Hate to break it to you but those aren’t encyclopedias – they are federal case law compilations. But aren’t they beauts? Law firms etc. now access cases online so those wonderful books are going secondhand.

  2. Your style is very inspirational! I love how you take what others consider “throwaway” and make it beautiful and eclectic. Very nice!

  3. My bookshelves are jammed with books I actually read and re-read. And Star Wars collectibles. I also have large shelves stuffed full of movies.