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March 15, 2018

A Candleholder Reborn as Spring Décor

I don’t know about you, but I am 100% ready for Spring! Between the mild weather and the gorgeous colors popping up, it’s hard not to get a little antsy for winter to make its graceful exit. So, it’s no surprise that I had Spring décor on my mind during a recent trip to Goodwill. And when I spotted this interesting metal candleholder, an idea “sprang” to mind! 

First things first, I needed to lighten and brighten it with paint. Because it’s made of metal, I first gave it a light coat of primer (which helps the actual paint adhere better). 

Then, I used a pretty pale green spray paint to finish it off. The color reminds me of fresh buds on trees, so it’s ideal for a Spring project!

And now the simple finishing touches. Instead of using the holder for candles, I decided to decorate each platform with an artificial bird’s nest filled with sweet little eggs! (You can find these at any craft store or discount home décor store at this time of year.)

There- isn’t that perfectly sweet? I used the candle spike to hold the nests in place- and I specifically sought out nests that were similar in size to the candle platforms.

How simple and adorable is that? It really doesn’t get much easier than this…and it’s like bringing a little bit of Springtime nature indoors to enjoy all season long!


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