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December 17, 2018

A $10 Christmas Table

I have always loved a beautiful table.

I do not necessarily mean a set table with matching napkins and perfect placemats. The reality for us is we eat here every day and to be honest, I do not have time every day to move stuff off and on the table.

When I say I love a beautiful table, I mean a table that says, welcome, and looks simple and elegant.

So when I saw these gold candles at Goodwill BRAND NEW, I knew I could create a beautiful simple centerpiece to go in the middle of our favorite worn painted Goodwill table.

With a mix of gold candle holders and glass, both thrifted, I placed them throughout the table to add varying heights and color.

Next, I added in some real eucalyptus and some fake eucalyptus for a softer look that smells great, too.

Finally, I accented with some DIY marbled ornaments (made simply with drops of acrylic paint on the inside!) and all of a sudden, our table feels perfectly put together without a lot of fuss.

With soft candlelight and a gorgeous centerpiece, the most simplistic dinners feel extravagant and it only cost $10.


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