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September 13, 2016

Party Props That Won’t Break the Bank

A friend of mine was looking for a few fun and functional props for her boyfriend’s upcoming birthday party. We decided to shop Goodwill first!

Have a party coming up and don’t want to break the bank? Come along!

First, we stopped at the area with new merchandise.


There are so many uses for mason jars. For the party we’re using them to hold napkins and silverware.

We discovered several items from Target’s collaboration with Marimekko. These platters are perfect for holding fruit and cheese or a floral arrangement. The vibrant prints will add to the décor of the party.





Pretty  string lights are great for adding to the ambiance of an outdoor gathering.


It’s always okay to add a little silliness to your party.


Platters can be used for holding cupcakes and other sweet treats.





Some of our party guests have never met each other. Board games are great ice breakers for meeting new people. Just don’t get too competitive…at least not the first time around!



This wreath is a great neutral color for decorating your door for parties as well holidays.


goodwill11Tiki Party, anyone?


How have you used Goodwill to help plan a party?

One Comment

  1. Fun!! By the way, and I speak from experience, do not let your boys get hold of that sound maker. You’ll regret it, usually within about ten minutes. 😉