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February 12, 2016

5 Things You Should Shop for Before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in just a few short days and that means red and pink will be taking over timelines and social media feeds. This is awesome for me because red is my favorite color. If you are going out this weekend on a date, planning a dinner party, or giving a gift don’t forget to pop into Goodwill.

I like that most Goodwill stores in my area have dedicated a few shelves to Valentine’s Day. I also like that with just a little guidance I can shop around the store to pick up some inexpensive items just for the holiday.

Here are 5 Things you should for before Valentine’s Day:

goodwill11. Candy Dishes

From school parties to office parties, Valentine’s Day will seem like Halloween all over again…but without the spiders. Since most candy will come individually wrapped, you can store some of it away to munch on later, or you can buy a cute bowl to put it on display.

There is never a shortage of containers at Goodwill. If you aren’t in the mood to really upcycle anything go for bowls or dishes that are already in the color scheme of your current decor.

2. Red Sweaters

It is cold in February. Although Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for couples, you can take this time to score a few red sweaters to wear during this low temperature season. Most stores will try to display as much of their red garments as they can because well, now is a good time to buy them.


Design Tip: Don’t forget sweaters can make cozy pillows.

3. Blankets

Seasonal decorating can be very expensive, but curating items from Goodwill can really stretch your budget. You can almost always find vintage crocheted or knitted blankets. These type of blankets are almost never sold in stores and there is a great variety.

The blankets can be used for the sofa or even to drape across the back of a chair.

4. Jewelry

I think most people forget about the little jewels that can be found on vintage jackets and even in the display cases. Most jewelry is kept in the cases, not to raise the prices, but to keep them together.

So make sure you pick up your vintage jewelry pieces the week before Valentine’s Day. You can wear the necklace, earrings or broach on the special day of love.

Let me note that you should be careful when you are buying pieces as some metals may affect each person differently. goodwill3

5. Christmas Decor

Because Christmas is such a huge holiday a lot of stores have a year-round Christmas shelf. This is an excellent way to pick up a lot of red themed pieces.

I love using ornaments in home decor throughout the year, especially red ones during Valentines Day.

I think it’s a great idea to have a curated thrifting trip around certain holidays. You can really focus on colors and buy items for that holiday and that can be used during the rest of the year.

Are there any items you pick up around Valentine’s Day from Goodwill?

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