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June 05, 2017

5 Tips to Keep Kids Organized

Kids love learning. They love tinkering with their favorite toys and discovering how things work. They’re curious little humans with an insatiable desire to create. Sometimes in their excitement, they create paths of destruction. Tearing through the playrooms, bedrooms, closets, and kitchens with lightning speed. They don’t mean to reverse all your hard work…it just happens.

5 Tips to Keep Kids Organized IMAGE

But here are some tips to help curb the amount of clutter:

  • Encourage kids to put away games and toys before taking out new ones.

    Kids don’t typically like this tip — they prefer to have all of the fun stuff at their fingertips. Volunteering to help them quickly clean up the old before getting out the new will help your kids to temper their emotions and learn patience.


  • Help kids take 5 minutes before bedtime to spruce up their rooms.

    Putting away all the items from the day, including dirty laundry and worn shoes, develops the skill of follow-through. Completing tasks is not a skill that comes naturally. It is one that must be nurtured and encouraged. Teaching your kids to finish the day by resetting for tomorrow will help them to finish doing the dishes when they’re older. —And who doesn’t want their kids to be able to wash, dry, and put away the dishes one day?!


  • Provide kids with toy boxes, colorful bins, and shelves for their books and toys.

    When we like our storage solutions, we’re more likely to use them. The same is true for little ones. Purchase easy to use solutions that allow kids to toss, dump, and pile their belongings. It won’t look like Pinterest, but it will develop the habit of using storage containers rather than leaving piles of items all over the floor.


  • Give each child a memory box where they can keep treasured items.

    This is one of my favorite tips! Kids need to know that there is a safe place for the things they love, but they also need the healthy boundaries of a box. You can read more about how to create your child’s memory box here.


  • Set a good example by maintaining your own bedroom space.

    Kids learn how to organize from what they see occurring in their own home. Take the time to set the right example. Simply follow the same tips you’ve read above.

Want to learn more about how to keep kids organized? Head over to the Upstate Clutter Coach blog for more tips and tricks!

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Lauren Flinte is a lover of lists, labels, and all things color-coded. She is the owner and lead organizer of Upstate Clutter Coach, a full-service professional organizing company based in Greenville, SC. Lauren, along with her team, transform chaos into categories, leaning towers into stable storage solutions, and anxiety into peace by way of editing and organizing residential and commercial spaces. Learn more at

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