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January 18, 2017

5 Things to Buy from Goodwill in January

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration.

Let’s get right into our 2017 thrifting plans. As always, I like to give tips on more than just buying stuff, but how you can thrift effectively.

There are several important dates that you can get an early start on.


Stock up on bags and tissue paper.

I just bought a whole basketful of boxes and tissue paper on sale from after Christmas. I buy the basic colors such as white and black and I store them in my gifting closet so that when the time comes for me to give a gift, I will already have the packaging in place.

Buy cheap side chairs and store them.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have hosted a dinner party and one of the biggest expenses was renting nice chairs. If you start collecting inexpensive side chairs from the thrift store, you can redo them and have them on hand for all of you big holiday parties.

Stock up on summer clothes.


Right now most thrift stores are selling all of their summer clothes for cheap prices. This is the perfect time to stock up and have your summer wears in place and avoid all of the long lines and the mall and department stores.

Buy flatware.

I have several sets of flatware. Most of them were purchased from Goodwill for 29 cents each, so I feel as if I am not breaking the bank. So get to those thrift stores and buy you vintage flatware for the holiday season. It’ll be better to get them now rather than later.

Buy white plates.

Dollar Tree sells white plates for a dollar and Goodwill sells plates for around 25 cents each. I think we can figure out the math on that. You can never have too many white plates.

I know I have my 2017 Thrift Wishlist ready to go! What are some of the things you will be stocking up on for the new year?