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June 25, 2015

5 Things Thursday

1. Feel like freshening up your wardrobe? This DIY on How-To Make (Cute) High-Waisted Shorts from Goodwill looks super simple!


2. Are you spending more time outside since the weather is so warm? I like this post on How to Turn Thrift Store Finds into an Outdoor Dining Set. Cute decor does not have to break the bank!


3. All the seasons of Seinfeld were released on Hulu today. This may mean nothing to you or this may mean everything to you. Ha. Shortly after it was released at midnight, we may or may not have cuddled up and snacked on M&Ms while we watched Yada, Yada, Yada. : )


4. Do you have trouble getting all of your veggies in? I do. Sometimes, I just forget to eat enough. This juice recipe is a great way to drink your veggies!


5. Looking for a cool DIY for Goodwill tees? Try this No-Sew Halter!


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