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February 28, 2014

5 Things Friday

1. How cute is this thrifted dress? It started out being way too big and shapeless, and she re-fitted it to be this cute sundress. It’s great when someone can see so much potential in a piece of outdated clothing!


2. Have you entered the giveaway that I posted on Wednesday? Hop on over and throw your name in the hat!

3. Great makeover of a tray from Goodwill! She painted it white and traced a cool French label onto it.


4. I’ve been debating these shoes. I mostly think “yes”, but I’ve had a hard time pressing the buy button. What do you guys think? Like? Don’t like?


5. Speaking of shoes–when I wear socks with my loafers (And, don’t even ask why I’m wearing socks with my loafers. It’s basically the fact that I have on socks and don’t want to take them off to put on my shoes. Fashion oops?) it always reminds me of my Nanner. Could you keep her in your prayers? She just started chemo again for a reoccurring cancer and it’s rough.

Enjoying the Good Life,