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February 07, 2014

5 Things Friday

1. This shirt is too cool. Someone on Pinterest suggested getting a black t-shirt from Goodwill and diy-ing it. So smart and easy and the result is chic.


2. I want a waffle maker. I feel Leslie Knope-ish over waffles. Any recommendations on a maker or recipes?

3. This dress was .99 at Goodwill. Total score.

dress4. One of my dear friends is moving to the same area as me. It’s been about 10 years, so I am way excited. Linds, why don’t you move here, too? Coffee dates for all!

5. These shoes were $3.99 at Goodwill! Can you beat that? So cool with a loose top and a pair of skinnies.


Happy Friday!

Enjoying the Good Life,




  1. Girl, make some waffles and I’ll be there

    • goodwillsc

      That sounds like a perfect plan.

  2. Had to comment because i love the t shirt…its veryflash dance like…and i also love waffles…i have a simple waffle iron from superstore and the recipe i use is as follows…1 and 3 quarter cup of flour, 3 eggs ,1 teaspoon baking powder, a pinch of salt ,a quarter cup or more of melted butter…and 3 quarters of a cup of milk…absolutely the best purchase ever!
    You ladies are talking about a bit of snow…where i live it is at this very moment minus 37 with the wind chill the temperature here is in celsius…and believe me its freezing!
    Enjoy the waffles…and the more butter you include the crispier and decadent they become!