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April 26, 2018

Kids Jeans on a Budget

My youngest son has always been headstrong. He has never been afraid to speak his mind and let you know what he’s feeling. One morning as I was helping him get dressed for school, I pulled out a pair of jeans that had some holes in the knee area. Now, I am not sure if that’s the way the jeans came or they got worn out from Big Brother (Hand Me Downs all the way) but I do know my he was not putting them on. I even tried to tell him that’s the style.

Just in case you don’t know, five-year-olds do not care about style or fashion. At all. Not even a little. I went back to the closet to grab another pair of jeans and lo and behold, more holes. Finally, I found a pair that was hole-free, got the kid dressed and dropped both boys off at school. Crisis semi-averted.

But I was left with an issue: there were several pairs of jeans, still in great condition, that were going to go unused. I could have easily bagged them up and dropped them off at my nearest

Goodwill but then I would have to buy more jeans and I wasn’t trying to spend any money.

I recently got a new sewing machine so I have been on overdrive with projects.

Materials Needed

  • pair of holey jeans
  • scrap fabric (patterns your child will like)
  • sewing machine (can also be done by hand).

I made sure the main fabric I used was wide enough to go from seam to seam (instead of just wide enough to cover the hole). I also folded over the fabric to create two layers for extra

reinforcement. I folded over the edges on all four sides. But if you want to keep the seams exposed and for the fabric edges to fray then skip that part.

Since the legs on the jeans were too small to fit around the base of the machine, I had the inside of the jeans touching (wrong side touching wrong side) and used the zig-zag stitch with

the thread falling slightly off of the jeans. Sew all four sides and you’re finished.

Final look:



I completed three pairs of jeans and I’m happy with how each pair turned out. More importantly, my son is happy.


  1. Thanks for this. I always repair my kids’ pants by putting some fabric behind the hole and sewing only there. It never occurred to me to just use a huge patch in front of the hole and have it be part of the pants. That looks so much better!

    • Thanks! I have done it that way as well and when I do I used embroidery thread to give it more of a “visible mending” look. It really comes down to what aesthetic you want for the garment.

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