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August 15, 2018

10 Things to Toss Right Now

Can you believe that fall is right around the corner?! Who is excited for crisp winds and scarves?!

Right now is the perfect time to do a quick sweep for these 10 things:

1. Tattered Towels.
The sun, salt, and chemicals can be tough on our beach towels. Grab those that have seen better days and repurpose them as emergency spill catchers (*two is more than enough), donations for pet shelters, or simply toss them into the trash. The end of summer clearance is bound to have some soft, fluffy beach towels to replenish your stash at the perfect price.

2. Faulty Flip Flops.
You know which ones I’m talking out. The ones that are loose, squished, and seriously uncomfortable. Old Navy will have a new pair for less than $3 next spring.

3. Opened Snacks.
If you’ve got kids, and it’s summer time, you’ve definitely got a problem with opened packaging. The lazy days of summer encourage noshing….and on a variety of foods. Take a pass through your pantry and locate all opened chip and snack bags. If they’ve gone stale, toss them. If they’re still in good shape, reseal them or parse them into individual sandwich bags to speed up lunch prep this fall.

4. Mismatched Tupperware.
Speaking of lunches, you’re going to start packing those again. Set aside ten minutes to match up all the lids and bins so that you can toss any orphans. Plastic containers are fairly inexpensive, so don’t fret if you find yourself tossing 16 lids wondering where their matches went. You’ll be glad you don’t have to deal with leaning tower of lids come November!

5. Travel Trinkets.
What brochures, maps, or other tchotchkes did you pick up during your summer travels? Are you finished with these? If their purpose has past, it’s time to recycle those papers and donate those random magnets your kids just HAD TO HAVE.

6. Old Toiletries.
You pulled them out of your travel bags and passed over them while on vacation. Now it’s time to toss those travel sized soaps you never use and expired sunscreens. Grab the crunchy tube of toothpaste and the weird scented shampoo too. Don’t forget the warped cotton balls and funky tissues you shoved down into the makeup bag.

7. Dried-Out Art Supplies.
Tis the season for school supplies. Why not let go of the orange, yellow, and green markers that remain from that original 10 pack and replace it with a new, fresh set? You know you’re going to need those colors for homework during the school year so go ahead and toss the old and worn crayons and paints too.

8. Stinky Lunch Boxes.
Hopefully you’ve checked the lunchboxes from last June. If not, you might just want to toss those fully zipped! Pick up a new lunch box to replace the broken, tattered, or just plain stinky one from last year. If you’re up for it, try tossing the stinky one in the washer to remove the smell and stains. It just might save you a few bucks!

9. Unloved Apparel.
Remember this spring when you bought those adorable shorts? You had such great intentions, but in the end, you never wore them outside of your bedroom because you preferred another style. Donate those fancy pants to your local Goodwill and bless someone with a brand new pair for a fraction of the price. Rummage around the rest of your closet and drawers to see if there are any other gently worn pieces that you can take with you.

10. Forgotten Books + Magazines.
How’s that stack of reading material you piled up to take to the pool? Did you chisel away at the tower during that 10 hour drive? Take a good look at what remains. Is it a book you’re still interested in reading? Has the paper passed its prime? Return or recycle items that you just won’t get to now that fall is approaching.

Tell us what you tossed in the comments below!

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