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March 03, 2014

The Golden Age

Sometimes, I go to Goodwill and I don’t see anything I want. And then, there are times like this when I find a bag full of plastic dinosaurs and I’m like, “Are you kidding me? This is awesome!”. That’s why you have to keep going back.


Add a little gold spray paint and you have some pretty snazzy dinos.



IMG_4860I think these would be so fun on a child’s bookshelf (Obvi, you don’t want your kids to play with them because they are covered in spray paint.) or even as decor for an adult. One of my bestie’s really likes dinosaurs and I can totally see her and her husband using this as a piece in a chic way.

Enjoying the Good Life,



  1. Love this. (Clever title, too!)
    I saw a DIY that uses plastic animals cut in half, and each half goes on wooden bookends. It was pretty cool. Painting the animal/bookend combo an awesome color like this would be cool, too.

    • goodwillsc

      Good idea! Love the idea of bookends.

  2. Love this! Its so creative and fun. Details in your house really make a difference.

    • goodwillsc


  3. very darling!