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April 28, 2014

Pinterest Roundup

1. How cute is the idea of using a $4 Goodwill picnic basket as a planter? I have one that I’ve never used, so this would be a great way to re-purpose it!


2. Speaking of cool planters–this is a bundt pan from Goodwill. Someone definitely got creative with this! High five for thinking outside the box.


3. These bar stools were headed to Goodwill when the owner had the brilliant idea of using them for a desk. So fun!


4. These Goodwill canisters definitely had a good makeover! They look totally different!


5. I think these frames hanging as a back drop is beautiful! Any friends getting married soon? I have a lot of frames. Goodwill is a great place to pick these up!


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  1. Dang, those canisters are impressive. I feel like I’ve mastered the art of finding good clothes, but when it comes to seeing the potential in household items, I’m not quite there yet. Thanks for all the good examples!

  2. All of these are impressive. # 2 is genius. #4 is amazing!

  3. I just LOVE using thrift store finds as planters.

    Great blog, Kendra! I’ll have to subscribe- we have very similar minds (#sadieseasongoods)


    • goodwillsc

      Thanks, Sarah! Glad to have you following!