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May 02, 2012

Just a few ways to tie a belt…

I love a cute belt. I love that it’s a fun accessory and that it cinches and defines your waist. I pinned these two pictures on “how to tie a belt” (Are you following me on Pinterest?) and I think they’re great guides to keep around. I could see these posted inside of a closet door or a bathroom cabinet.



If you’re following me, you know that I am regularly posting ideas/diy/Goodwill finds. If you’re not, I wish you would! Pinterest is a smorgasborg of inspiration!

Also, these pictures make me want a yellow belt. And, a leopard belt. And, that skinny pink one…

Enjoying the Good Life,




  1. Umm, I never knew that so many ways to tie a belt existed…And now I think I HAVE to print these and put them in my bathroom cabinet. Fantastic idea!!


  2. goodwillsc

    I know! I love these, too. It’s nice to switch up accessories every once in a while–12 ways to tie a belt? Yes, please!

  3. Thanks for finding these great ideas, I literally thought there was about two or three ways to tie a belt!

  4. These are cool. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you Pinterest for great ideas like these ones! And thank you Kendra for finding these and posting them!

  6. goodwillsc

    Thanks, ladies! I think this is such a great guide!