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June 05, 2018

FOMO Season

It probably comes as no surprise that I love an acronym, and #FOMO is no exception.

For anyone who may not be familiar with FOMO it stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ and is used for all of the events: formal; impromptu; organized or otherwise, which you don’t want to miss this especially now.

Let’s face it summer is all about having fun and being seen and documenting it all on social media.  Here are a few trends that will have you standing out in the next #OOTD or #FOMO moment:

  1. Bold Prints. There’s nothing quite like a bright, bold print to turn heads and grab attention.  No matter how you choose to wear it, prints have power and get noticed, especially in the summer.  It’s just something about the sun that makes a print pop.  Another great thing about prints is that they make the best camouflage for stains or spills.  Whether it’s perspiration or condensation from your cocktail glass, water spots are not how you want to make a statement.

  1. Be Inspired. Whether it’s the sun in the trees or the ocean waves there are plenty of ways to find inspiration this season and no surprise it all centers around being outside.  Whether it’s through the fabrics we choose or the material our jewelry is made of, there are countless ways to evoke the outdoors in a chic and sophisticated way.  Some of my favorite summer fabrics are canvas, straw, linen and cotton, and I tend to gravitate toward leather, metal and beaded jewelry.

  1. Free the toes. Whether you choose slides, flip-flops or sandals, showing our toes is quintessential for summer.  The only requirement here is that your feet be appropriately maintained and conditioned for public consumption.  If you’re a bit anxious about that then treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure.  This goes for the guys too.  Flip-flops may be the laziest shoe ever invented, but it doesn’t mean we want to gnarly feet and nails.

Summer is all about relaxed, no-fuss fashion, but that is very different from tired, lazy and boring.  Summers are hot and humid here in the South.   To combat that we tend to wear as little as possible, which means we have to make every piece count, especially if we’re going to be sharing it for the world to see.

I am always curious to hear about your wardrobe dilemmas.  Email your questions, quandaries, and conundrums to

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