November 27, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Time to bring those mason jars back out! At first, I thought I would make this project an Advent calendar, but I just didn’t have enough jars. If you do have enough, you should go for it! I have 12 jars and I decided to do something similar, but call it the 12 Days of Christmas.


I bought these Martha Stewart labels (12 in a pack! Meant to be!) and numbered them with a permanent marker.IMG_3816


I cut slips of paper out of a sheet of scrapbook paper and I wrote a scripture reference on each one for that day’s reading. I also want to write an activity on each one like “bake cookies” and “watch a Christmas movie”.


I filled each jar with a little fake snow and dropped in the slip of paper that coordinated with that day.


I’m really looking forward to using them and, since it’s not permanent, I could always re-use the jars for something else!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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  1. Cute idea!